Our Wine Tours

For the ultimate Haraszthy experience, take one of our renowned wine tours, an experience that promises to give you a fascinating insight into what it takes to make exceptional wines.

Through an interactive and enjoyable tasting experience you’ll be taught the art of identifying the different fragrances that delicately combine to give a wine its unique bouquet and character.

With tastings and talks from our artisans we aim to give you the knowledge to help you enjoy our wines even more.

Nr. 5

The perfect introduction to the wine makers art – guests on this tour will sample five exquisite wines.

Your experience starts with a presentation given by one of our experts. Here you will be given a brief insight into the work of our artisan winemakers. You’ll then be taken on a tour of our atmospheric ‘Kings Hall’ and cellars before enjoying a delectable antipasti platter and five beautiful wines.

In summary, guests will enjoy:

  • Five individual wines (including three Haraszthy, one Virtuoso and one Fantástico)
  • Specially prepared antipasti platter with fresh bread and mineral water
  • Duration of the wine tour: approximately 1,5 hours
  • Price: 9.900 HUF / person

Nr. 7

An experience for enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of winemaking and appreciation.

Guests joining us on this extended tour will have the opportunity to enjoy seven carefully selected wines, including two exceptional examples from our premium reserve.

You will also be treated to a more detailed talk on the work of our master winemakers before enjoying a delicious antipasti platter.

In Summary, guests will enjoy:

  • Seven kinds of wine (including four Haraszthy, two Virtuoso and one Fantástico)
  • Antipasti platter, fresh bread, mineral water
  • Duration of the wine tour: approximately 2 hours
  • Price: 12.900 HUF / person

Nr. 9

We recommend this tour for connoisseurs seeking a more detailed insight into the individual characters of wines from around the world.

It is also perfect for gastronomists eager to learn more about the relationship between fine wines and food.

You’ll get to sample nine individual wines from Hungary and Argentina. For gastronomists our antipasti offering is extended to give you a broader insight into the delicate balance between wines and different foods.

You will also enjoy an extended talk on the Haraszthy wine making process.

In Summary, guests will enjoy:

  • Nine kinds of wine (including four Haraszthy, two Virtuoso, one Fantástico and two Argentinian)
  • Extended antipasti platter, fresh bread, mineral water, dark chocolates, dried fruits
  • Duration of the wine tour: approximately 2,5 hours
  • Price: 16.500 HUF / person

For further information, please contact: Péter Lakatos +36-20-997-1289 or plakatos@hvp.hu

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